Second edition of the book “Citología de Sangre Periférica y Líquidos Biológicos”

Second edition of the book “Citología de Sangre Periférica y Líquidos Biológicos”

In October 2019 the second edition of the book: “Citología de sangre Periférica y Líquidos Biológicos” has been published by the Editorial Panamericana.

The new edition contains 10 chapters, which explain the most relevant morphological alterations concerning red blood cells, leukocytes and platelets; microorganisms and parasites infections, anaemias, myeloprolferative and myelodisplastic neoplasms, acute leukaemias, B and T neoplasms and body fluids morphology. In this second edition the classification of the haematological malignant diseases has been actualized following the WHO 2016, some critical morphological alterations are explained, clinical cases have been described and a total of 100 self-assessment questions have been elaborated. All the explanations have been illustrated with more than 600 images and additional images and total of 10 videos are available as a complementary material. Moreover, the last chapter is a new one with respect to the first edition and it contains a description of the morphological characteristics of the cells in body fluids, including those infiltrating them in non haematological and haematological neoplasms.

We are always learning in blood cell morphology. The blood film examination plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of haematological and non haematological disorders. It is particularly important not only in diseases such as infections, lymphoma and leukaemia diagnosis, but also in other cases in which the diagnosis in not immediately obvious. Peripheral blood or body fluid cytology analysis has the advantage of speed, which is clinically important in severe diseases.



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